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Helping Web Agencies & Web Consultants to reduce their workload by creating web designs. Working as a full-time freelancer for the last 5 years.


royal-bites-wordpress project

Royal Bites - A Home catering

They approached me for web design and development service seeking a comprehensive solution to modernize their brand, establish a strong online presence, and attract a wider customer base.

Royal Bites project showcases how a strategic blend of design, technical expertise, and passion can elevate a small home catering business to new heights.

H Groves Law

The Everconvert outsourced me to redesign their client’s Law firm website.

I used Elementor and custom CSS, I tried to keep it simple and arranged the hierarchy of the elements and set some call to action.

The project manager was happy with my work.

About Me

Alfaiz momin

Alfaiz Momin

From Mumbai, India

I am a highly experienced and skilled web developer and designer, with over 5 years of experience working as a full-time freelancer.

My deep understanding of WordPress, the Divi theme, and the Elementor page builder makes me a master in these areas.

Not just drag and drop, I can create custom elements/sections such as Sliders, Tabs, CTA, Pop-ups, and more.

I also acquired additional skills in Figma, Canva, and social media. These skills make me a well-rounded and versatile professional.

I honed all web-related skills through self-study and online resources. I am dedicated to deliver high-quality work to my clients.

I am passionate about creating beautiful and functional websites that meet the specific needs of each client.


WordPress Development

I will design and develop your website using Elementor or Divi theme, I am specialized for B2B and Law firm Websites.

Figma Design

I will design a website using Figma, You can share sketches on paper or describe what you want in the design.

Social Media

I can setup your social media accounts also I can design impressive social media posts for Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest etc.

Best Offer for you!

I will provide 10 days of work without any upfront payment, you can test my skills, and if all goes well, we can continue.


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Divi Theme

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Pricing Plans



  • Hire me on an hourly basis of $18 USD/hour.
  • Hire me for a minimum of 2 hours to get started.
  • Pay 100% upfront for below 5 hours of work.
  • 5 or more than 5 hours pay 50% upfront to hire me.



  • I will work as per your time zone.
  • I will work 6 hours a day, 5 days a week.
  • After 10 days of trial you have to pay for those 10 days first to continue.
  • I will work exclusively for you in these 6 hours as per your time zone (if needed)



  • Start with $399 USD per project.
  • Contact me with the project detail and I will quote you for the project.
  • WordPress setup, 5 pages including home page, On-page SEO.
  • If you don’t have a design I can design and develop the website.


I have worked with Alfaiz for over a year on various WordPress website projects and have never closed a project with him that I was unsatisfied with.

He is very effective at communicating throughout the project and meeting deadlines that he agrees to. His skill as a developer is well worth the investment and asks good questions when he needs them.

I honestly have nothing but praise for him – my only wish is that I could use more of his time without overworking him!

Timothy Shadduck

Technical SEO Specialist

Source: LinkedIn

Alfaiz has the tendency to go the extra mile for his clients. He is determined, focused, and has a good understanding of modern web development methodologies.

I’ll recommend him to anyone who is looking to create a professional website for their business – especially to lawyers, attorneys, and legal service providers.

Aamir Faruqi

Team Leader | Technical Support

Source: LinkedIn


I did not ask upfront for my services, you can pay me after the project is completed or Monthly.

Trust is important while working online. I have learned in my journey that both sides need to trust each other, but trusting a freelancer is more difficult for an Agency. I always make sure I don't misuse resources provided by my client.

Note: If you have a small amount of work then I may ask you full upfront payment.

I will work 10 days for you and if you like my work then you have to make the payment for those 10 days and we can continue our partnership.

We will decide the price of these 10 days in the meeting.

If you don't like my work then you don't need to make the payment.

Yes, My charges are negotiable. please fill the form and we can discuss about the work and price. Click here to fill the form.

You can pay me through PayPal or Wise.

I will send a Paypal invoice after completing the project or after completing the month in the Monthly plan.

For Wise, I can send a normal Invoice with my bank details so you can make the payment.

I don’t ask upfront amount so you do not need to worry about the refund I will ask for the payment after completing the project or at the end of the month (in monthly and hourly cases).

I can provide multiple revisions of the work if you need them and send the invoice when you are satisfied with the work (Not applicable for Hourly work).

Note: You will not get a refund If you made the payment.

I will send you a work detail file at the end of the day.

I will be available on Skype/Slack while working.

Let's discuss about partnership!

I helped agencies to reduce their workload and provided great services related to WordPress and Web design. We can also team up and grow together. Contact me for further discussion.