I have mastered WordPress as I’ve been using the platform for the last 6 years. I have built plenty of websites, especially for Law firms and B2B businesses. By working on the projects I build a workflow for myself which help me to deliver top-notch quality website every time.

The Design part:

Sometimes agency provides Figma design or PSD or some referral or just they wanted to copy a website.

When clients want unique designs they ask me to go ahead and try my design sense to build the home page and move forward.

Selecting colors:

Most of the time my clients provide me with basic details and also colors code or I use some colors which are already in the Logo or match the branding of the business.


I see the referral or old website or the documentation and decide where to put sections and order them so the important information or CTA will be placed correctly.


After completing all the design aspects I check the website’s responsiveness and how the site works in different browsers.

Apart from all these steps, I have built some checklists so I did not miss any steps to provide good quality websites. I try to make the website not just look good but load faster and convey the message easily to the customer.

Building a website is my passion and I am enjoying my work, so let’s discuss your project or agency.

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